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What is People Over Perks?

People Over Perks is a private Slack group for HR and People Operations professionals or C-Level Executives that oversee the People strategy in their companies. The aim is to create a vibrant community of like-minded professionals who are willing to share best practices and their knowledge on how to build, align, and enable high-performing teams. All members of the People Over Perks community are expected to adhere to the Community Code of Conduct.

Who moderates People Over Perks?

The People Over Perks community is moderated by members of the Leapsome team. However, please note that this community is not for technical support requests relating to the Leapsome platform. As always, support@leapsome.com is the fastest way to receive support if you are a Leapsome customer looking for help.

When does the People Over Perks community launch?

Stay tuned! We're preparing for launch toward the end of Q3 2020. Register your interest above to be one of the first to receive an invite.

Are there any costs associated?

None at all! People Over Perks is free for all members.

Why is it called People Over Perks?

Sure — it's nice to have perks at work. Yet, we believe that a company should invest in its people above all. At Leapsome, we're driven by helping companies create exceptional cultures where employees are aligned behind the mission and values and receive the right mix of training and feedback to develop. While ping pong tables and nap pods are a "nice to have," providing an environment where everyone can be successful and fulfilled at work is a "need to have."

HR and People Operations teams have the massive responsibility of building the processes and structures to ensure that the people within their organizations have what they need to be successful. With People Over Perks, we want to provide a space for HR and People Operations professionals to discover valuable resources and exchange best practices to drive business impact and progress in their own careers.

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