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There's no shortage of exciting — and challenging — discussions within the field of HR and People Operations. We're talking diversity, equity, inclusion, remote work models, employee development and engagement, challenges in finding and retaining talent, dismantling the fear of feedback, mental health… Not to mention employee safety amid a pandemic.

At Leapsome, we believe in learning, exchanging knowledge, and collaboration. That's why we've been working on ways to support HR and People Ops professionals further while fostering a sense of community.

We're excited to announce the channels we're creating to make this happen: an educational newsletter and a Slack community for HR and People Operations professionals. We've named both People Over Perks. Why? Because, while we don't discourage perks at work, we think investing in the development of the people who run your company brings the greatest return. Our mission is to make work fulfilling for everyone. That means helping businesses scale, reach their goals, and create outstanding work cultures where learning, constructive feedback, and diversity are fully embraced.

By signing up for the newsletter (which launched today!), you'll receive tips, insights, free templates, and suggested reads twice a month. On top of that, we'd love for you to apply for an invitation to our Slack community. By joining, you'll be in touch with fellow HR and People Ops experts and leaders and be encouraged to join relevant discussions and advance in your business and career.

We hope to see you soon!

P.S. Check out our newsletter's first issue to have a look at what you'll be receiving twice a month in your inbox.

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