What is the best
Workpath alternative?

Leapsome and Workpath are both goal and performance management platforms with a great user experience, so what sets them apart?

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What makes Leapsome different?

Performance management, employee engagement and OKRs - all in one platform.

OKRs, feedback and Engagement

You'll be able to run OKR management, flexible performance reviews and engagement surveys in a single platform - no need to use multiple tools to achieve both use cases.

Powerful people analytics

With Leapsome, you can link feedback to competencies, skills or company values - making it easier to give feedback, and easier to build competency profiles.

A powerful layer of people analytics allows you to analyze feedback across teams, departments or the entire company.

Full OKR functionality

Leapsome allows you to easily track and visualize OKRs. Flexible metrics and a full OKR tree allow you to maximize the impact of this modern management tool.

How do Leapsome and Workpath compare?

Information provided by websites & documentation, subject to change
360° Performance Reviews
Simple performance reviews
360° reviews
Context of goals, feedback & 1:1s
Automated probation reviews
Project reviews (agile org)
Team-based question templates
Smart completion reminders
Cross-cycle people analytics
Team comparisons (heatmap)
Goals and OKRs
Individual, team & company OKRs
Activity feed
Flexible metrics
Request feedback on OKRs
Complete or filtered goal tree
Insights dashboard
Highly customizable OKR visibility
Engagement Surveys
Pulse surveys
Best-practice question catalogue
Timeline analysis
Custom frequency
Smart question rotation
Heatmap analysis
Custom result sharing
Feedback and Praise
Praise / High Fives
Competency-based feedback
Individual development profiles
Heatmap analysis
Custom result sharing
1:1 Meetings
Private or shared talking points
Customizable agenda
Access goals & feedback
1:1 Analytics
SSO (SAML 2.0)
SCIM (Okta, OneLogin, etc.)
Active Directory
Excel import
Performance Management

Performance Reviews
& 360 Reviews

Save time with automations and expert templates. Customize your reviews with our review builder. Collect anonymous or non-anonymous employee feedback. Project, performance, leadership or 360 degree reviews. Gain insights with powerful people analytics.

Employee performance reviews and appraisal software screenshot
Employee alignment

Goals & OKR

Manage company, team and individual goals. Use flexible metrics (numerical, milestones, currency, etc.). Automatically include goals in manager check-ins. Visualize dependencies in goal trees.

Goal and OKR Management Software screenshot showing goal tracking

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