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Deliver meaningful,
growth-oriented reviews

Run impactful performance reviews and 360 reviews that are easy to set up, easy to complete, and beneficial for all.

The best places to work trust Leapsome
Screenshot of Leapsome's Goal Management & OKR Software

"I strongly believe in combining performance, learning and engagement and having a platform that the whole organisation enjoys using - not just management and HR roles. The market clearly lacked a tool which does this well and covers these topics holistically. I can now say that Leapsome has created the platform that actually achieves this." - Nicolas Dolenc, Human Catalyst, Smartly.io

REVIEW BUILDER & best practice templates

Build the review you need

Run simple performance reviews, agile project reviews, 360-degree reviews, or anonymous leadership reviews. Get help on setting up your review process from our best practice templates and frameworks or customize everything from questions to ask employees to timelines and anonymity settings. Leapsome is flexible to your performance management processes.

Employee Performance Review Software depicting the self-assessment tab

Provide a roadmap for professional growth

Measure employee performance across key skills and competencies. Define company-wide or team specific skills to measure against and track development in these areas over time. Understand skill gaps to improve team composition, better allocate training budgets, and inform hiring plans.

Employee Performance Review Software Screenshot the dashboard and current status tab

Easy For Employees

Employees love the intuitive interface. Leapsome seamlessly guides them through their review process.

Practical for Managers

Managers appreciate the added context and guidance when writing reviews so that the focus is always on employee development.

Efficient for Admins

Admins value the ease of setting up review cycles, the customizable best-practice templates, and available analytics.

CONTEXTUALIZED & unbiased reviews

Avoid biases in reviews

Curb human biases in your performance review process with quick access to peer reviews, past  feedback, goal performance and 1-on-1 meeting notes to assist with writing comprehensive and fair performance reviews focused on employee development and constructive feedback.

Employee Performance Review Software Screenshot the dashboard and current status tab
People Analytics

Leverage the power of data
in your reviews

Use your review data to track performance changes over time and compare teams, departments or individuals across specific skills. Identify high potentials, facilitate succession planning and target training investments more effectively to help employees with their career development. Achieve balanced, unbiased, and fair reviews with in-tool calibration via our live heatmaps.

Performance review heatmap analytics screenshot

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A Simple, flexible & powerful Platform

What you can do with Leapsome

Performance Reviews & 360 Reviews

Run impactful and painless performance, 360-degree, project, or leadership review processes that are easy to set up, easy to complete, and beneficial for all.

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Goals & OKR Management

Track, collaborate and align on company, team and individual goals to create alignment, accountability and transparency across the organisation.

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Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure the pulse of your company culture with easy to set up employee engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions.

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Instant Feedback & Praise

Facilitate a culture of rapid development and learning through giving and receiving instant feedback and praise with anyone in the organisation.

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1-on-1 and Team Meetings

Conduct effective and productive 1-on-1 meetings with any employee in your organisation, driven by a well-structured agenda and talking points.

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Learning and Onboarding

Develop and engage your talent with a highly personalised, scalable and automated learning and onboarding experience.

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