How HighSnobiety replaced a paper-based process with Leapsome

Highsnobiety is a multi-media, global entertainment brand that inspires young men to lead their most stylish and culturally relevant lives by covering news and trends in fashion, sneakers, music, art, and entertainment. Reaching 10+ million men each month, Highsnobiety is both an influential AND fast-growing media company, winning industry awards and peer accolades.
Berlin, Germany
Company Size:
Online Media
Features Used:
  • Performance & 360 Reviews
  • Employee Engagement Surveys

"We wanted to replace the previous performance review process: a paper-pencil process, extremely time-consuming and annoying for everyone involved."
Birte Schmidt
HR Manager

Which challenges did you want to solve by introducing Leapsome?

We wanted to replace the previous performance review process: a paper-pencil process, extremely time-consuming and annoying for everyone involved. Because of the negative feelings towards the old process, feedback in general wasn’t really valued.

What has your experience been with implementing Leapsome?

Implementing Leapsome happened very quickly, since with Leapsome we had finally found the right tool after having searched for and tested various other providers. Introducing Leapsome was supposed to basically happen overnight, which worked out well with the support of the Leapsome team. We were ready to use the system after only a very short time span. Additionally, Leapsome provided valuable assistance in how our existing processes could be realized with the tool.

What changes have you seen across the company?

Communication is more open, our goals are more transparent, and much more present in the company. This is very helpful to actively work on the goals. Finally, the focus is no longer on the time-consuming process, but instead on the review talk and the feedback itself. The HR team has much less work to do, and at the same time is provided with more transparency and people analytics. They are a great start to work on strategic HR topics.

What do you like best about Leapsome?

We needed a tool that works for Berlin, London, and NYC - Leapsome is great for this! The various modules and features are a big plus, as well as the flexibility - other providers would never have been able to adequately depict our performance review process within the tool.

What would you say to those considering starting with Leapsome?

Leapsome is way ahead of other providers and extremely adaptable to the needs of the German labor market.

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