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From keeping us company while cleaning to running on the treadmill, podcasts have become an essential daily companion. 

We enjoy the diverse content that is easily available and fun to listen to. 

Passionate speakers and experts from all over the world nudge us towards learning while keeping us thoroughly entertained across hundreds of categories and topics. 

To inspire you to enhance your people management processes and workplace culture, we have curated a list of 110 HR podcasts. While there is a lot of breadth in the list, they mostly fall into the following categories:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Leadership
  • Technology in HR
  • Future of Work
  • Workplace Culture.

With a mix of well established and familiar podcasts through to some lesser known names that are up and coming, there's something to cater to every HR professional.

📥 Get access to the entire list of all 110 podcasts here.

The entire list of 114 HR related podcasts
A sneak peak of what's inside. 110 podcasts, links to follow them on twitter, full descriptions and more.


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