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Track and collaborate on goals at all levels to create alignment, accountability, and transparency across the organization.

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Create Belonging

Align everyone around your mission to keep that true sense of belonging.

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Drive Engagement

Check-in on your team's well-being, and provide them with the support they need.

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Enable Managers

Provide your managers with the tools they need to lead their teams effectively.

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Grow Talent

Grow your talent in a meaningful way that contributes to business.

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Track and interact

Go beyond simple tracking by sharing and requesting feedback on OKRs at every phase; planning, execution and retrospectives. Leave comments to provide context and discuss progress.

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Visualize goal trees

Relate individual, team and company goals to one another to generate an OKR tree and easily see an overview of progress, ownerships and the dependencies on the path to success.

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Save time with AI

Craft better OKRs with automatic recommendations from Leapsome's AI.

Immediate benefits of Leapsome as your company objectives platform

Goal trees
AI recommendations
In-depth analytics

Use flexible processes & frameworks

Track your company’s goals regardless of what process or framework you use. Cut down on quarterly admin and drive progress by setting up recurring goal cycles with fixed timelines.

Use flexible processes & frameworks
Engage with goal collaborators

Engage with goal collaborators

Go beyond simple tracking by sharing and requesting feedback on goals. Leave comments to provide context and discuss goal progress.

Maintain alignment and transparency

Connect individual, team, and company goals to generate a goal tree that highlights ownership and dependencies on the path to success.

Maintain alignment and transparency
Track your progress

Track your progress

Increase accountability across the organization with goal dashboards and progress timelines that you can update in real time and filter by owner, contributor, and team.

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The best places to work trust Leapsome

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Leapsome is saving us lots of time during our performance appraisals and helps us build an open, value-oriented feedback culture. We’ve compared several platforms, and Leapsome stood out convincingly — it’s user-friendly, intuitive, and highly customizable. As a manager, I love how fast and openly the team at Leapsome reacts to our feedback and suggestions.

Dr. Christian Grobe

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Leapsome enhances meaningful feedback and employee engagement. It’s a must-have for every company at any stage. We are growing toward 750 employees, but the rollout was easy, fast, and successful nonetheless. The great customer support helped us through the whole onboarding process.

Thore Schӓck, Head of HR & Recruiting.

Thore Schӓck

Head of HR & Recruiting
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With the help of the people analytics, you can quickly understand the significance of the results. We also frequently use the 1:1 function, which, although very simple, is extremely useful.

Erica Ancobia, Head of People Operations

Erica Ancobia

Head of People Operations
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We see the People team as a partner team rather than an admin team. We want to focus on our employees and not on processes. With Leapsome, we have automated the manual work around feedback and career development so that we can spend our time with our people: understanding their needs, guiding them through their very own DCMN lifecycle, and helping them find purpose in what they do.

Theresa Jasaraj, Senior Manager, Personal Relations

Theresa Jasaraj

Senior Manager, People Relations

Why customers love us

5 rating stars

Leapsome has been an absolute game-changer for me in terms of my professional growth and development. What I love best about Leapsome is how it has empowered me to take control of my career journey. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design of Leapsome have made it incredibly easy for me to navigate and utilize the platform.

Victor J.

Enterprise (1000+ emloyees)

5 rating stars

Leapsome stands out as a best-in-class platform that seamlessly addresses a spectrum of organizational needs, excelling in performance management, employee engagement, OKRs, and learning. Its unparalleled strength lies in its deep integration with existing tools, effortlessly connecting with our HRIS, Slack, Calendar, and Jira.

Jamie S.

Mid-market (50-1000 employees)

5 rating stars

Our company is new to Leapsome, but the onboarding has been fantastic. Our Leapsome contact has worked with us every step of the way to make sure that the review process will be easy on HR and all employees. He has walked us through the process step by step to create a review that will be ready to roll out pretty much immediately.

Karen H.

Mid-markt (50-1000 employees)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I use Leapsome for goal management?

Using Leapsome as your company objectives platform offers several benefits, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to streamline and enhance their goal-setting processes. Leapsome allows organizations to set clear, measurable, and aligned goals that support the company's overall strategic objectives, fostering transparency and ensuring that all team members are working towards the same outcomes. The platform facilitates continuous feedback and regular check-ins, which are crucial for tracking progress and making necessary adjustments to goals in real-time. Additionally, Leapsome promotes employee engagement and accountability by enabling individuals to see how their efforts contribute to broader company objectives. With its intuitive interface and integration capabilities, Leapsome seamlessly connects goal management with performance reviews and 360-degree feedback, creating a holistic approach to employee development and organizational growth. By leveraging Leapsome for goal management, companies can expect to see improved alignment, communication, and productivity among their teams.

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What are the key components of a company objectives platform?

Any company objectives platform should encompass several key components to effectively drive alignment, engagement, and performance within an organization. Firstly, it should offer robust goal-setting features that allow users to define clear, measurable objectives and associated key results, facilitating alignment with the organization's overall vision and goals. Secondly, the platform should provide real-time tracking capabilities, enabling users to monitor progress towards their objectives continuously and make necessary adjustments. Thirdly, it should support transparency and collaboration, allowing all team members to view each other's OKRs, fostering a sense of accountability and mutual support. Fourthly, an effective OKR platform should integrate with other tools and systems used by the organization, ensuring that OKR management becomes a seamless part of the workflow rather than an isolated activity. Finally, it should offer analytics and reporting features, giving leaders and teams insights into performance trends and areas for improvement, and enabling informed decision-making. Together, these components help organizations effectively implement and manage OKRs, driving focus, clarity, and engagement across all levels.

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What does a company objectives platform do?

Any company objectives platform is designed to facilitate the setting, tracking, and evaluating of organizational and individual objectives aligned with the company's strategic goals. It allows users to establish ambitious, measurable objectives (the "Os") and pair them with concrete, quantifiable results (the "KRs") to gauge progress and success. The platform provides a centralized space where teams and individuals can align their efforts, ensuring everyone is working towards common goals. It promotes transparency by making objectives visible to all relevant stakeholders, enhancing accountability and collaboration across the organization. Additionally, the platform typically includes features for regular check-ins, updates, and feedback, encouraging continuous performance assessment and adjustment. By offering real-time tracking and analytics, an OKR management platform helps organizations identify areas where they are excelling and areas needing attention, facilitating informed decision-making and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Essentially, an OKR management platform acts as a vital tool in setting clear directions, improving focus, boosting engagement, and driving better outcomes in alignment with the company's vision and goals.

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What is a company objectives platform?

Any company objectives platform is a specialized software tool designed to help organizations implement and manage the OKR framework, which focuses on setting and achieving specific, measurable goals. The platform facilitates the process of defining ambitious, qualitative objectives (O) that aim to drive the organization forward, and pairing these with quantifiable, concrete key results (KR) used to measure success. Such platforms offer features for planning, tracking, and reviewing objectives and key results at various levels of the organization, from individual contributors to teams and departments, all the way up to company-wide goals. An OKR management platform typically supports transparency and alignment by enabling everyone in the organization to see others' objectives, thereby fostering a culture of accountability and mutual support. Additionally, it often includes tools for regular check-ins, progress updates, and analytics, providing insights into performance and areas for improvement. Ultimately, an OKR management platform is intended to streamline the goal-setting process, improve alignment and focus, enhance communication, and drive organizational success.

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What are Leapsome's advantages over other company objectives platforms?

Leapsome stands out from other company objectives platforms due to its user-friendly interface, seamless integrations with various tools, and emphasis on fostering a feedback culture through continuous and 360-degree feedback mechanisms. Additionally, its advanced analytics and customizable reporting provide valuable insights into goal progress and team performance. Leapsome's flexibility and scalability make it suitable for different sizes and types of organizations, ensuring a tailored and effective OKR management experience.

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1,600+ forward-thinking companies choose Leapsome

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